“Not just beautiful, though--the stars are like the trees in the forest, alive and breathing. And they're watching me.”

- 村上 春樹

So I was just on facebook scrolling through Tokyo Street Style’s page and I had seen this picture. My first thought was ‘Wow! These girls are cute and look better than I do,' because they really do look just plain adorable. They took a lot of time to dress up like their role models and you know how much money these outfits probably costed? I commend these girls because it takes a lot of effort to pull off a risky style such as gyaru.

But of course these are kids and I just knew someone was probably going to say something bad about this so at first I didn’t even bother reading the comments. However, when you are scrolling its kind of hard not to. I eventually gave into the temptation and read some of the terrible things people sad about these girls. 

THAT’S WHEN I READ THIS FUCKER’S COMMENT. What the hell? These are just kids having fun imitating their role-models and you call them bitches? How dare you even say that? It’s disgusting. "if i had a daughter, she should look like a normal girl and not like a bitch" Who is to say that this isn’t normal? Who says that every girl or boy who dresses like this is a bitch? You are so fucking narrowminded that you degraded these girls just because they dressed like this. I honestly feel sorry that his daughter won’t get the chance to express and be herself because of an asshole of a father this guy is. "cuz of sexualization of young children." No one sexualized them except for you sir. It’s only sexual if you make it out to be that way. That last part got to me. Usually no woman should be sexualized!Maybe if you stopped sexualizing every woman that you saw your mind would be more open. You say no woman should be sexualized yet you clearly just sexualized these young girls. "I don’t wonder anymore, why so many men get so much dirty sexual fantasies" Your mind is perverted because this is out right saying you thought sexually about these girls. 

I am so fucking tired of gyaru being bashed like this. I am so fucking tired that dressing a certain way determines who you are by people who don’t even know you. I am tired of the sexualization females receive because you know what? Same style, same amount of clothes, but different fabric and colors (probably pastels to signify “cute”) and he wouldn’t have said this. No one would have talked badly about these girls. And that’s fucking messed up yo.

I am sorry but this just pissed me the fuck off. I really hope these girls continue doing what they want to do and enjoy themselves and life while saying as cute as they are in this picture and even more so.

(c.) idk the source of the original picture but it says tokyofashion.com so i really hope its them. if not credit, to the photographer! 

Posted: 11月 13, 2013 (10ヶ月前)
Tagged: #gyaru #kogyaru #jfashion #pop culture #RANT #asshole #harajuku
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